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Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Writers – MyBookTable

MyBookTable is more than just a plugin to showcase your books. Sure, it makes your books look amazing, but there is so much more to this plugin than just that. One of the best features of this plugin is that each of your books has its own page.     You may be thinking, What’s the big deal? Well, most authors create a page for all of their available titles, making SEO ranking for each book muddled.  Having each book with its own page can help your books rise in ranking.  It also includes automated SEO optimization, or more advanced controls, including Semantic Markup and OpenGraph Support. If your scoffing at the idea of multiple pages for each book, don’t worry. MyBookTable also allows you to create a page with all your books. Editing is simple, just update one page, and the others are updated. Another marketing feature I love is the social media integration, making sharing your books (or a fan sharing your book with their friends) much easier. Here are a few more features. Endorsements – A nifty little section that allows you to insert and highlight those coveted endorsements. You can even include an image. Tagline or Teaser section – Why should we read your book? Tell everyone here. It is displayed at the top of the page, drawing a reader in as well as on your main book page. Kindle preview – Without leaving your site, the prospective reader can scan the Kindle preview of your book. Multiple store links – Attractive buttons (which you can style to match your webpage) to multiple book stores. I love that they include Audible. With audiobooks on the rise, this will become an important feature you want to have on your book’s page. You can also add a link for the reader to automatically add your book to their Goodreads account. Reviews –  Again, without leaving your site, readers can scan your Goodreads reviews. The more time visitors spend on your site adds to your SEO ranking. (For more information, check out our post about SEO ranking.) That’s all in the free version! Downfalls of the Plugin It is time consuming adding your books. But it is worth it to take the time to completely fill out the book page and track down all the links. Limited functionality in sorting the books. You can’t sort by publication date, so unless you add the books in order, you will be looking at difficulty in sorting.    

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SEO and Author Hosting

I stumbled across this graphic from Search Engine Land. It shows the factors that go into SEO success. As you can see, it is not a simple task. The factors overlap and can be confusing. One mistake I’ve seen authors do is dump their links all over social media in hopes of increasing their SS number. But there is more power in creating solid links between like websites. One effective way, if done correctly, is through guest blogging or author hosting. For authors, hosting a guest blogger or participating as a guest author is one way to increase your audience and build your SEO ranking. How it works. Your blog article on the guest site will contain links back to your site in the “About the Author” section. The more you guest blog, the greater your LN number will be. Guest blogging or hosting guest bloggers can also increase your TA and LQ numbers. Some tips Link to similar sites. If you are a romance author, guest blogging about your romance book on a children’s author website isn’t as effective as linking to a romance author’s site. This helps build authority (TA) and increase the likelihood that readers will spend more time engaging with your content (TE). Host guest authors on your own site. As above, the more links with similar content will help build your authority (TA) and engagement (TE). What is the goal of your website, who is your audience and what do they want to read? Think of your guests as someone attending a conference to reach a specific audience. You wouldn’t invite a plumber to a reader’s conference. Create quality and relevant content that is unique.  Don’t post the same thing on multiple sites. This will lower your ranking. Share your links wisely.  Consider reviewing similar books for authors, sharing your link with them when you are done. Likewise, when someone reviews or hosts your books, share the link across your social media.  But share with your readers – not other authors. And spend the time to write an engaging intro to the link. “Check this out” or just sharing a link isn’t very engaging. Make sure links have relevant words. “Here” is not a relevant word. Choose words that point to what you are linking. You can read more about that here.  

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